25th June 2021

On starting a career in project management with Em, our Junior Project Manager.

by Em


It’s been almost three months since Em, our newest team member, joined KOTA and it’s time we introduced her!

Having worked in mostly music-based roles previously, Em comes from a creative background, specialising in key accounts management and international music education. After qualifying as a PRINCE2 practitioner, she decided to combine her loves of creativity, organisation (and spreadsheets!) and take on the role of project manager.

At KOTA, she works closely with Maja, our Project Manager, making sure all current projects are running smoothly, as well as supports our SiteCare clients with ongoing matters. In the few short months she’s been with us she already started working on innovating our project delivery using Notion (we’ll share more about that soon!).

Needless to say, we’re very happy to have her on board!


How did you get into project management?

From when I graduated from university with a music degree, I had always worked in music-related jobs; music retail, music education, etc. I knew I enjoyed creative environments and organising pretty much anything (an avid spreadsheet user for all aspects of my life)!

Last year, I was working as a project assistant during the second lockdown and decided to get a qualification in Project Management that would not only help me stand out but would also hone my skills. I qualified as a PRINCE2 Practitioner within a few months and took to searching for project manager roles in creative agencies – the KOTA job description was literally everything I had been looking for (it even mentioned spreadsheets!!!) and now here I am, a few months into working for KOTA and couldn’t be happier.


Why did you decide to work at a creative agency?

Coming from a creative background, I’ve always valued keeping my work environments creative as well. Working alongside creative people and being a part of their process is a lot of fun and I enjoy watching the projects change and grow. Through working at a creative agency, I get to work with a range of companies across all sectors and really see how their business works from different perspectives.

I’ve always loved working with people and with the tight-knit KOTA team and the way I’m getting to know each client individually, it’s a really interesting and friendly place to work.


How do you find working at KOTA?

Onboarding remotely has been a really positive experience – it’s a totally different way of working but the team have certainly made it easier along the way. The first week I spent doing 1-2-1s to get to know the team and vice versa which I think was the perfect way to settle into the role.

As I now mostly work with our SiteCare clients, it’s been great getting to know each of them individually and learning from Maja the ins and outs of each of the websites. Something that I really love is that there’s never a question too silly. I don’t come from a technical background so it’s been a learning curve but there is always someone willing to spend time helping me.


How did you start with making music? How do you manage to find time for it?

The story goes that I got a guitar for Christmas when I was 8 and with a measly 3 chords under my belt, I wrote my first song (which as you can imagine, sounded just like a nursery rhyme).

Growing up I worked on a few different projects, genres and with lots of different people which led me to where I am now with my duo DEEP SIX PROJECT. Because it’s something that I enjoy, I find it fits into my life easily and has just become a natural part of my evenings. I also have a mini studio set up at home which makes recording super simple when inspiration strikes!

Listen to DEEP SIX PROJECT on Spotify!

Do you have any other hobbies?

When I’m not doing something music-related, I’m either working on a new crochet piece (just like knitting but better) or reading some form of fiction. I also spend lots of my time out running – mainly for the peace and quiet of the trail routes but also in preparation for another two half marathons I have planned later this year.

Interested in working with us? Call the KOTA studio on +44(0)20 3951 0562.


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