17th September 2019

How our motion graphics skills helped challenge misconceptions around vegetarian cooking for Jamie Oliver.

by kota


When Penguin Books confirmed, for the third year running, that Kota would be developing the creative campaign for Jamie Oliver’s latest book, ‘VEG’, we obviously celebrated with a vegan sausage roll.

Our past creative concepts for Jamie have previously been explained in an article here, but essentially focused on the ‘deconstructing of the dish’ in 2017’s ‘5 Ingredients’ and a play on travel adverts for 2018’s ‘Jamie Cooks Italy’. Because the concept of his latest book ‘VEG’ was so broad, and due to the danger of alienating parts of his audience, this was probably the hardest brief we have received so far from the former Naked Chef.

The Concept.

The main focus for ‘VEG’ was to make the campaign, fun, inclusive and contemporary. For this we used a lot of bold visuals, including neon colour palettes, and a tone of voice that addressed opposite types of demographics in the same advert (Couch Potatoes/Gym Bunnies, Night Owls/Early Birds, Meat Lovers/Veggies, etc) to create the idea that everyone was welcome. However to bring the campaign really alive, and separate itself from recent publications, we used a lot of motion graphics, creating a vibrant, modern aesthetic that promoted the food as an explosion to the senses.

What really are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are a great cost effective way to create moving advertisements by using images and type, rather than video and animation. Although the term ‘animation’ is used to group all moving graphics, motion graphics is actually a quicker and very effective way of creating engaging, energetic video content. Essentially it is moving graphic design, and at Kota we have some great designers who are experts in it, having used the technique in previous campaigns such as for Penhaligon’s here.

Using the bright colours along with animated dishes and type, we developed impactful out of home advertising and social campaigns. Our combination of high quality food photography plus attention-grabbing headlines challenged a whole range of customers in their misconceptions of vegetarian food. From meat-lovers to show-offs, to gym bunnies, we demanded a reconsideration of how tasty home-cooked vegetarian food can be. See our highlights real from the campaign below…

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