28th October 2021

On transitioning from uni and starting a career in design with Izzy, our Design Intern.



At KOTA, we believe that hiring young talent is immensely important. By mentoring young designers, we get to have an impact on the future of the industry, as well as learn from each other and see things with a fresh eye.

A few months ago Izzy joined our team as a Design Intern. She’s a fresh Visual Communication graduate from Arts University Bournemouth and impressed us with her portfolio. Izzy was onboarded while working remotely from Bath, her hometown, and quickly adapted to the professional environment. Her main expertise lies in branding, but she’s been progressing fast in learning about web design and marketing communications. Welcome to the team!

Find out more about Izzy in her team interview.


How was the transition from uni into the work environment?

For me, it was a fairly quick turnover, from graduating in May and starting at KOTA in August. I was really happy about this as I wanted to start working as soon as I could because I felt this would be the best way for me to develop as a designer. Working from home also made the physical transition from education to work very smooth!


How are you finding work at KOTA?

I’m really enjoying my time at KOTA and learning lots of new things. Having not had much previous experience in web design, it’s been super interesting learning about this area of design and I’m finding out more each day. 

Working with Alex in marketing and getting to grips with what marketing entails has also been an insightful experience, as this is new for me too. 


As a new grad, was it difficult to adapt to online working?

The idea of online working wasn’t that worrying for me as my whole third year of university was also online due to coronavirus and the closure of campuses! In the past year, zoom tutorials became the norm, so video calling the team at KOTA every day doesn’t feel too different. 

The onboarding process was spent meeting everyone through 1-2-1 calls which was a really nice way to meet everyone!


What are you especially passionate about in design?

My main interests in design lie within branding and being able to communicate a story and personality of a brand through colours, typography, photography, etc. Bringing a brand to life through these elements has always been fascinating to me. 

I’ve sometimes been guilty of buying a product based on its visual aesthetic, this inspires me to create designs just as exciting.


What are the best things to do in Bath?

I would say visiting the Royal Crescent is definitely worth a look if you’re interested in architecture. The whole of the town centre is also lovely just to walk through, with the Roman Baths right in the middle.

You can even try the spring water if you’re up for it …


Favourite thing to do in your free time?

I love spending time with my friends and finding new places to eat as we all love trying new food! 

Growing up I spent a lot of time painting and drawing, so when I get a minute I really enjoy doing that too.

Interested in working with us? Call the KOTA studio on +44(0)20 3951 0562.


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