19th December 2019

KOTA Christmas at Stranger Things Secret Cinema.

by kota


With 2019 nearly in the bag, and the Christmas spirit ramping up, we dressed in our best 80s gear and headed on down to Starcourt Mall in Hawkins for our KOTA Christmas Party. Far out!

The day of festivities began with a 2019 presentation at the studio. We’ve had another good year at KOTA, enhancing the team, moving studio, and expanding our client portfolio. There were plans included for the 2020 vision, a few new improvements, and confirmation we will be expanding the team. With a glass of bubbles and Wham! blaring full blast, we finished with Secret Santa and headed to East London dressed like we’d just fallen out of a School Disco.

God’s Own Junk Yard.

We stopped at God’s Own Junk Yard in Walthamstow to take in the neon lights and vintage signage. A unique place in E17 where you can have a drink or two, and once you’ve had too many, purchase anything from the walls as everything is for sale! It’s one of the most iconic retail spaces in the city and is surrounded by craft breweries and micro distilleries, so it’s perfect for a weekend day out.

Christmas Lunch.

Our lovely Christmas Lunch was held at The Kitchen, also in Walthamstow Village. Recently opened by Billy and Mel, it serves a three course authentic British Christmas spread with a little creative twist. The service, atmosphere, food and wine was superb and perfect for a group our size.

So with the team well fed and lubricated, we were off for the 6pm entry to Stranger Things Secret Cinema. As the title suggests, the concept is THAT IT’S A SECRET, so there are not even any mini spoilers in here, only information available from their own website.

Secret Cinema.

As with all Secret Cinema events, the concept is always that as the audience, you are thrust into the world of the film or show in a fully immersive experience. And this is no different. Stranger Things is a world that is based on 80s American nostalgia, and series three is set in the newly opened shopping mall in the town. So that’s where the experience was set, in Starcourt Mall. At the Mall you’ll find ice cream parlours, bars, street food vendors, arcades, shows and shops where you can hang out and buy everything you need for a good night out. Amongst this there are hundreds of actors and storylines being played out in front of you across the whole space. Mingling with the 800 strong audience in full fancy dress, you can lose yourself on different journeys, find secret hang outs, participate, and experience the chaos of Starcourt Mall for over two hours. And that’s even before the main event…

The Verdict.

Once again Secret Cinema have raised the bar. This is an experience that is a must for any Stranger Things fan, although there are elements to this that anyone would find amazing, being just a great spectacle with incredible choreography. We wish we could elaborate more, but we can’t, so you’ll just have to grab a ticket and go…but remember…IT’S A SECRET!

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