05th November 2019

The best of 2019 hospitality websites.

by kota


At KOTA we are passionate about web design in the hospitality industry. Much of the agency has been built creating online platforms and brands for hospitality groups since our inception in 2013. Although we now work across a large range of industries from Film Production to Construction, we are still inspired by great hospitality sites, so much so we have reviewed the best hospitality websites of 2019 below.

1. Simmons Bars


“Well known for being the best bar group in London. A late-night cocktail bar offering you the perfect place for after-work drinks or a cheeky dance.”

Simmons Bars are a collection of drinks venues across London, featuring eclectic retro interiors, cocktail happy hours, and great group party spaces. We were tasked with translating the fun, kitsch look and atmosphere of the venues into a new online platform. The website needed to feature the retro items found within the interiors but also needed to be simple to navigate, easy for the client to add promotional pages, and fundamentally encourage users to reserve spaces in the venues. Our signature cut-out montage style was requested especially by the client to bring their brand to life.

2. Restaurante Baobab


“A vegetarian cuisine restaurant who are committed to the use of organic and fair trade products, promoting artisan procedures, local productions and sustainability with the environment.”

This year, bright and bold colours are being used to better represent company brands and Baobab’s site certainly does that. Leaning on the use of large typography, looping gifs and delightful photography, the quirky and vibrant aesthetics help portray the restaurant’s modern approach, making “vegetarian cuisine attractive, surprising, healthy and pleasant for everyone.”

3. Records Bars, Old Street Records


“A hospitality group specialising in live music, cocktails & pizzas.”

At Kota, we were tasked with redesigning the current Rocket Leisure venue websites whilst using a multisite setup. As well as incorporating unique elements that make up the eclectic interior of the bars, we decided to create a homepage that would fully immerse the user into experiencing the bars as if they were there themselves. Using a parallax technique we created a 3D effect on a scroll, giving the impression of being in the middle of the crowd at one of the venues. This would then be rolled out across each venue, with a different environment and band for each, whilst using the same header effect. The rest of the site uses wallpaper and neon lighting to reflect the atmosphere and interior aesthetics of the bars.



“Pho is a family-run business serving great value, healthy Vietnamese street food that is cooked fresh daily.”

The Pho website perfectly captures the energy of the brand’s Vietnamese culture and heritage. Throughout you are presented with deliciously colourful food photography and hand-drawn street illustrations, reflecting the restaurant’s vibrancy online, whilst the simple navigation makes the site easy to navigate. One stand out feature is the intuitive interactive menu that makes filtering through dietary requirements easy.

5. Völlerei Bar and Restaurant


“A down-to-earth, honest and provocative Austrian restaurant located in the heart of Saalfelden, surrounded by mountains in an idyllic landscape.”

In 2019, more than ever before, videos on the web have gotten bolder and more eye-catching. The Völlerei website is a perfect example where the video is used to visually catch a user’s attention without the need for text. The well-shot video gives the viewer a closeup insight into the craftsmanship that goes into their traditional dishes and cocktails. As you navigate down the page you are brought closer to their dishes and drinks as the reveal and rotate on scroll – a simple yet effective way to reflect the artistry and creativity of the restaurant and bar.

6. The Good Burger


“The Good Burger is a franchise of restaurants with more than 130 locations all over Spain.”

When you first arrive on The Good Burger website you are instantly presented with a strong, bold type that is overlaid onto close up food photography. Outlined typography is one of the most popular web design trends of 2019, and it has been effectively used here to boost the visual composition of the page. As you scroll, you are taken through a carousel slider showcasing the latest food promotions. The design of the site is elevated with the use of horizontal page transitions, subtle enough so they don’t distract you from the core content.

We also like…

Check out https://depanneur.dk/, a gorgeous website for Depannear, a convenience store and beverage label, with a focus on eye-catching products. It’s stylish photography and simple layout makes it a delight to browse. How about https://saintepaix.com/, the dark design and subtly animated illustrative drawings perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the Quebec pub.

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