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Shopify Editions Summer ’24: What’s new?

June 27th 2024

By Emily

Shopify’s Editions Summer ’24 is here, bringing a range of updates designed to elevate your e-commerce game. These features provide more control, smarter tools, and enhanced functionality. Ready to see what’s new? Let’s dive in.

New style settings: your store, your rules

Alright, design lovers, this one’s for you. The new style settings give you the power to create a store that’s as unique as your brand. No more cookie-cutter templates; now you can tweak, tune, and transform your storefront with more precision.

Want a bold colour scheme? Done. Need some fancy fonts? Easy. This is your chance to let your creativity run wild and make your store look exactly how you’ve always imagined it.

Better product discoverability: finders keepers

We’ve all been there: you’re hunting for that perfect product, but it’s lost in the digital abyss. Enter Shopify’s revamped Search & Discovery app. Thanks to some AI magic, finding products is now a breeze.

With new categories and visual filters, your customers can zero in on what they want faster than ever. And here’s the kicker: semantic search, once a Shopify Plus exclusive, is now for everyone. So, if your customers can think it, they can find it.

Store credit: because gift cards are so last year

Say goodbye to the old days of juggling gift cards and discount codes. With Shopify’s new store credit feature, you can issue credit directly from your admin. It’s simpler, smarter, and way more effective at building customer loyalty.

Repeat customers are gold, and this feature helps you keep them coming back. Remember, loyal customers spend more and are cheaper to keep around than finding new ones. Win-win.

Split shipping: keep ’em happy

Got a bunch of products scattered in different locations? No problem. The split shipping feature lets you send orders in multiple shipments.

This means your customers get their items quicker, even if they’re coming from different spots. It’s flexibility at its finest, ensuring no one has to wait longer than they need to.

Improved analytics: numbers that make sense

Data geeks, rejoice! Shopify’s improved analytics tools are here to make your life easier. Now, you can get a clearer, more detailed look at your store’s performance.

From traffic stats to sales trends, these insights help you make smarter decisions without the headache.

Automated emails: set it and forget it

Automation is the name of the game. With Shopify’s new automated email features, you can set up emails that trigger when customers join or leave a segment.

It’s like having a personal assistant who never sleeps. Keep your customers engaged without lifting a finger.

Easier invoice and packing slip printing: print like a pro

No more fumbling with clunky printing processes. Shopify’s made it easier than ever to print invoices and packing slips right from your admin. Streamlined and efficient, just the way we like it.

Summing it up…

Shopify summer editions 2024 delivers the tools you need to streamline your store operations and enhance the customer experience.

With these new features, running your online store becomes more intuitive and efficient. Dive in and see how these updates can take your ecommerce to the next level.

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