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Shopify Winter Editions 2024: What’s new?

March 6th 2024

By Bekah

Shopify’s Winter Editions 2024 came out in January and we admit that it’s taken us a little while to digest, as there’s so much in there!

If, like us,  you’ve been hustling hard and haven’t kept up with what’s new at Shopify, don’t worry – here’s a little run-down of some of the features we’re excited about.

New discount types

We’ve got some new discount types! This includes free automatic shipping, which is a far better user experience than having to put in a code. There’s also a new discount type for setting a fixed amount off for Buy X get Y promotions.

Why we’re excited: Store owners have greater flexibility and control over discounts, and can drive higher conversions with discounts that make sense for their store.

Rich product attributes

This will introduce new categories for products, which will each come with a rich set of associated attributes.

For example, the category Clothing → Tops has attributes for neckline and sleeve length.

You’ll still be able to add custom variants, but this will give you a lot more room to classify and sort your products.

Why we’re excited: Customers are able to find what they want more quickly, making them more likely to hit that buy button.

New site performance dashboard

Site speed is incredibly important for ecommerce, with many studies demonstrating that loading times have a direct impact on conversions, and even 0.1s can make a difference.

Shopify have introduced a new web performance dashboard, enabling us to track and optimise your store’s speed, stability, and interactivity using real user data.

Why we’re excited: With more data in our hands, we’ll be able to give our clients even better advice on how to boost their store and, as a result, their conversion rate.

And there’s even more for Shopify Plus!

For those of you who have chosen to invest in the Shopify Plus plan, there are even more new features waiting for you.

Combined product listings

We already have variants, so you can have multiple options for one product. But with the new combined product listings, products that come in multiple styles can each have their own dedicated description, media gallery and URL.

Why we’re excited: Customers get a far clearer view of what they’re about to buy, which increases their likelihood to convert.

AI-powered search

Search at the moment relies on the customer entering for exact words you’ve entered in the product title, tags or description. So if you’ve used slightly different terminology, the search results are going to come up empty. Using AI, Semantic Search lets customers use more natural words and phrases to find products.

Why we’re excited: Customers will see far more relevant results for their search, which makes the path to purchase a lot easier.

Bigger Shopify bundles

The official Shopify Bundles app was introduced in the last major update, providing the ability to group products into a bundle. Initially, it had a limit of 10 products, but Shopify has now expanded this limit to 30.

Why we’re excited: This give store owners even more scope to increase their average order value.

Shopify’s Winter Edition 2024 has introduced loads of exciting new features that promise to enhance both your customer’s shopping experience and your ability to manage and promote your business. Excited to see what’s next! 

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