08th May 2019

Video Production at Kota.


Video Production.

A service that we offer at Kota, but clients aren’t always too familiar with the fact that we do, is video production. Whether it’s a corporate film, digital campaigns, animation or social media content, we storyboard, art direct, edit and animate, whilst collaborating with talented videographers and 3d artists in our extended crew. In this article there are a few examples of the type of video content we can produce.

Corporate Films.

Corporate films are increasingly popular for use on social media, and as landing page content for websites. We have created 40sec-80sec videos for a number of our clients in varying industries. A days shoot on location is needed per video concept, with lots of pre-shoot organising to be considered. Kota will storyboard the narrative of the film, including all the shots we will be looking to capture on the day. Once this is signed off, both client side and creative side, we are briefed on what we intend to capture and where. The shoot itself is art directed by Kota and the team a videographers on-site usually over a 9 to 10 hour period. The shots are then edited into the narrative of the storyboard, with soundtrack, colour graded and titles added if necessary.

Kenza Restaurant.

Kenza Restaurant is a Lebanese and Moroccan fusion restaurant owned by Comptoir Libanais founder Tony Kitous. We produced this energetic video of a typical night out at the venue, including the dining experience, mixology, belly dancing and live music entertainment. The challenge of this video was to shoot the entire film whilst a very busy Friday night in December was unfolding, capturing the essence of the atmosphere, without the team intruding on the customers experience.

Jeanie Marshal Foods.

Jeanie Marshal Foods are a large food manufacturers that supply the Eurostar and many hotels across the UK. Whilst we were in the process of re-designing their website, we also captured a typical day in the life at the factory in a synopsis video that was to be used on their new homepage. We wanted to bring across the idea of an artisan kitchen, as even though JMF scale up their recipes to large production values, they all start in their own artisan style kitchen. In a visually sterile and bland environment, our challenge was to bring some style and creativity to the film, whilst the huge factory was in full production flow.

Digital Campaigns and Animation.

As part of our digital campaigns, we produce video content that is normally at the forefront of the campaign. These normally consist of footage captured on location, with animated elements and titles. The campaigns we have delivered for Jamie Oliver’s last few books have featured video and moving image content across out of home advertising and online/social. The example here was a pre-roll YouTube advert for his book ‘5 Ingredient Food’, which features a 3d rendered bread bin/fruit machine fusion, delivering out 5 random ingredients which correspond to recipes in the book!


We have created various digital campaign concepts for Penhaligon’s. The French/British perfumers have a strong Victorian-era identity that lends itself perfectly to Terry Gilliam-esque cut-out animation. The first video here is from a campaign based on the Victorian concept of Peep Shows. Peep Shows were essentially a view finder that audiences looked through to glimpse a miniature world made up of layers of images, to create a 3d effect. We took this concept and transported the audience into the actual Peep Show by creating a virtual 3d space inside it. The final video is a collection of animated shorts we created for Penhaligon’s perfume concepts. The name and concept of the perfume was given to Kota to then envisage how to animate a world that they would appear in, complete with accompanying soundtrack.

See more about our Penhaligon’s animations here

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