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3 examples of brands that have aced their tone of voice

April 8th 2024

By Emily

Tone of voice isn’t just a minor detail—it’s the heartbeat of your brand’s identity. It’s how you resonate with your audience, distinguishing yourself from your competitors. But let’s not sugarcoat it; ensuring your brand’s voice remains harmonious across the myriad of channels and touch-points is no walk in the park.

So what’s the remedy?

Crafting comprehensive guidelines that serve as the gospel according to your brand’s tone, rolling up your sleeves for regular training sessions with your content team, and orchestrating your editorial calendars to ensure every piece of content sings from the same hymn sheet.

Let’s dive into the world of brands that haven’t just found their voice but use it to sing distinctly across all platforms.

Innocent Drinks: The Master of Playfulness

Innocent Drinks has turned fruit into fun with their unmistakably playful and engaging tone of voice. From their packaging to social media, they’ve perfected a chatty, humorous style that feels like a conversation with a witty friend. Innocent’s approach not only showcases their products but also their brand ethos of simplicity and goodness, making them stand out – both in the meal deal aisle and online.

Key Takeaway: Your brand’s personality can and should shine through every word you share, transforming even the simplest message into an opportunity to delight and engage. Innocent knows they can get away with this playful approach because… well, they sell smoothies. It’s not world-stopping stuff, so they can have fun with it.

BrewDog: Pint-Sized Rebellion

BrewDog isn’t your average brewery, and their tone of voice makes that crystal clear. With an audacious, rebellious spirit, they’ve crafted a brand voice that’s as bold and uncompromising as their beers. By championing transparency, challenging industry norms, and advocating for sustainability, BrewDog’s communication cuts through the noise, rallying a community of beer lovers who share their values.

Key Takeaway: A daring tone of voice can be a powerful tool for differentiation, especially when it aligns with your brand’s mission and values. It’s about being fearless in your communication, making every message count.

Monzo: Financial Friendliness

This digital-only bank has revolutionised financial communication with its friendly, straightforward tone of voice. In a sector where excitement essentially goes to die, Monzo stands out by speaking to its customers like human beings, not account numbers. Their approachable, jargon-free communication builds trust and loyalty, proving that even the most traditional sectors can benefit from a fresh, relatable tone of voice.

Key Takeaway: Clarity and warmth can make even the complex feel comfortable. It’s about putting your audience’s needs first and crafting your messages accordingly.

To sum up…

The tone of voice is more than just the words you choose; it’s about how you say them and the emotions they evoke. Explore the depths of your brand’s personality, echo your audience’s expectations, and strike a chord that resonates. Through workshops, audience surveys, and a bit of espionage on your competitors, you’ll find your beat.

Innocent Drinks, BrewDog, and Monzo demonstrate that when a brand finds its voice and uses it consistently, it can build a unique identity that captivates and retains an audience. Whether you aim to entertain, challenge, or educate, finding and honing your tone of voice is an essential step in crafting a brand that speaks volumes. If you need help with that, get in touch!

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