Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

We completely transformed the image of Bristol's finest coffee company.

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Wogan are an independent, family-run coffee company. It was established by the bowler-hatted Mr Wogan in Bristol in 1970. They have been roasting some of the highest quality coffee, with hundreds of varieties, for cafes and customers across the country. They also provide tea, machinery, barista training and even white-label roasting for B2B customers.

As it sometimes happens with multi-generation businesses, over the years their brand became neglected and was in need of a serious boost. They reached out to us for creative guidance on branding, packaging, as well as the website and digital marketing. We even helped them update the look of their cafe and delivery vans!

We’re really pleased with the result of our partnership and are excited to help the third-generation Wogans grow the business into a nationally recognisable brand.






The new website engages users with the brand story and also simplifies the navigation around their wide selection of coffee. The UX had to be split between B2B customers interested in white label or bulk orders for cafes and shops, and B2C for consumers wanting their daily coffee fix.

We also wanted to highlight Wogan’s flexible subscription offer and entice users to easily sign up for the service, whether via the subscription page or directly from product pages. We also created a coffee quiz which allows users to easily tailor their coffee deliveries based on personal tastes.

Navigating the world of specialty coffee can be tricky, so we also created a coffee guide functionality as a part of their content hub, alongside the blog.


Branding & packaging.

Wogan made it clear from the start that their company’s story was truly important to them, both the multi-generational family-run aspect and the close relationships they created with coffee farmers. They wanted the branding to reflect their history and friendly attitude while highlighting their dedication to sustainability and fair trade. We helped them establish their positioning in the coffee market and ensured their values are reflected in the new brand.

Wogan’s connection to their founding grandfather (and his bowler hat) that had adorned their packaging for years led us to create a sleek iconographic re-interpretation of Mr Wogan. This vector graphic allowed them to retain the heart and character of the original brand while transitioning into a modern and premium feel.

For the packaging, we utilised a fresh green colour palette to highlight the origin story of their green coffee beans, which they hand roast at their factory in Bristol. We then created a wider colour palette based on bright pastel shades of natural colours, connecting to different aspects of coffee production. It allowed us to create alternating coloured labels for their ever-changing range of coffees, as well as to colour-code the different areas of the website. Now it finally is just as premium as the coffee itself!

Digital Marketing.

Alongside the brand and website, we also guided Wogan’s digital marketing strategy to grow the DTC side of the business. Based on the knowledge we had about the business, we helped them establish the target audiences and position the brand accordingly amongst competitors, as well as researched opportunities for each digital marketing channel.

We suggested ‘Coffee that doesn’t cost the Earth’ as the guiding motto, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and fair pricing for both customers and farmers. To re-introduce the new Wogan we created a dynamic video showcasing the company, the family and their values.

Wogan also wanted us to support their digital marketing with our strategy and design expertise to help grow their brand awareness. We manage their socials, email marketing, SEO, and Google Ads. Check out their Insta at @wogancoffee.

Results after 1 year

83.14%Increase in sales
884.2%Increase in social impressions
331.3%Increase in social engagement

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