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SiteCare at KOTA: Our long-term website maintenance partnership

October 8th 2020

By Maja


You should already know by now that KOTA prides itself on building beautiful and well-performing websites. We told you all about it in the “KOTA way” seriesexplaining our process and how we work with our clients. However, getting you a new website is just half of the success – what happens next is what really matters.

We’re proud to say that the vast majority of clients become our long-term partners. Our team of expert designers, developers and strategists are always there to support you and help you reach your goals.

In this blog post, you can find out more about our website management package – what we call SiteCare.


The life after go-live

KOTA SiteCare is our ongoing website maintenance insurance, which continually secures and modifies your website, and brings you genuine peace of mind. SiteCare exists so we can keep your website performing at its maximum potential, whilst offering a proactive partnership.

Hosting on our optimised servers and in our code repository, allows for efficiencies with future development, be it small fixes or new website functionalities. As our websites are built on an open-source framework, we are constantly securing the site and keeping the versions and plugins up to date.


The main benefits of SiteCare:

1. Advanced hosting and security set up.

We partner with WPEngine to host your website. As an official partner of WordPress, their hosting is highly secure and optimised specifically for hosting a CMS built in WordPress. We also use the Pingdom tool, so that if ever the website has downtime, we are alerted and the issue is fixed using our priority agreement with you before you or your clients will ever notice.

2. Speed optimisation and manual checks twice a month.

We continually monitor your website for speed. Your search ranking relies on a fast-loading platform, which we test a monitor twice a month. We will give you insight into areas we think could improve the website speed as the website develops.

3. WordPress and plugin updates.

WordPress is a hugely powerful tool that we use right at its core to power all of our websites’ CMS. However, using open source platforms means that when they are updated and improved, we need to keep them that way, increasing security, functionality and speed. As part of SiteCare we will automatically keep WordPress up to date, as well as all the plugins utilised on your website.

4. New browser and device fixes.

The world of the software and hardware is constantly evolving. If Apple bring out a new device, Google release a new browser, or Android advance a new operating system, we will ensure your website is always optimised for the upcoming releases.

5. Reporting of key metrics delivered monthly.

Rather than spending time crawling through Google Analytics yourself, we provide you with a tidy monthly dashboard that houses all the metrics you need at a glance. It’s a personalised report with key website metrics and stats, tailored to your business needs. Every quarter you can have some one-on-one analysis with us to help you grow your analytics understanding and refine the key metrics.

6. A pool of monthly development hours to be used against small website tweaks.

In addition to the hosting, security and priority benefits, you will receive two hours per month to use on alterations or improvements to your website. Any substantial tweaks above the two hours per month will be quoted at a reduced hourly rate. If you don’t use your hours in full, they can roll over for a three month period.

7. Priority support and a dedicated account manager.

When subscribing to SiteCare, you will receive priority support in case you need our help. A dedicated account manager will log and schedule your issue as a priority, and regularly communicate the status of your job until completion.



The SiteCare website maintenance package is extremely popular with our clients – and now you know why. It offers hosting, security, software updates, speed testing, and priority studio time. And after all, if our team designed and built your website, they know best how to tend to it.

Check our portfolio to see the number of websites we’re proud to support on a daily basis!

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