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Web Design Trends 2023.

December 3rd 2022

By Nicola


As 2023 is fast approaching we look at the key design trends that will be making headway in the new year. There’s still a desire for calm and simplicity mixed with comforting moments of nostalgia and with technology continuing to evolve, 3D and animation are at the forefront of design.

Read about the key trends for 2023 below!

1. Simplicity

In the midst of the chaos that is still happening around us, the minimal design trend brings a moment of peace and calm. White space gives the audience room to breathe and absorb essential content easily. A muted colour palette with sometimes hints of earthy tones creates a serene experience.

2. Nostalgia

Keeping up with the forever-changing world can leave your head in a bit of a spin. On the other hand, looking back to what we used to know can be comforting and homely. This idea will also be more and more reflected in the design world, with designers opting for what was familiar when creating brand identities and web design. We’ll be drawing inspiration from the 60’s right through to the ’00s to bring that sweetness of nostalgia. Typography and illustration techniques have a key role in bringing this trend together.

3. Futurism

As software becomes more and more advanced, the ability to create hyper-real illustrations and animations can create an impactful and memorable user experience. It gives another dimension to websites and adds that ‘wow’ factor. Even a subtle touch of an animated cursor or hover interaction can make the experience a whole lot more interesting and keep the viewer engaged for longer!

VR is becoming a more popular option too with companies wanting to give their customers an opportunity to shop in augmented reality (ie. IKEA Place app).

4. Human Connection

After many lockdowns and the unsettling times, we’re still facing there is a strong desire for human connection. Brands are going into detail about their story, using videos to showcase their processes and real-life photography to captivate the audience and make them feel welcome. The emotive tone of voice and crafting beautiful storytelling are key, taking the customer on a journey and welcoming them into their world.


From the sweet moments of nostalgia to the advancements in technology, it will be exciting to see how these trends inspire the ever-moving landscape of design in the new year.

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