Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

A new brand and website for a leading investor in the European financial sector

Web design & development

AnaCap, a leading investor in the European financial sector, sought KOTA’s expertise to rebrand their company and develop a new website. Their objective was to appeal to both new and existing investors, as well as all parties within the financial services sector. KOTA delivered a comprehensive rebranding solution, encompassing the logo, website, business cards, presentations, and motion graphics.


Financial sector investment




To achieve a seamless user experience that would generate leads and effectively communicate the brand story, KOTA implemented a strategic UX approach focussing on streamlined navigation and digestible content. The website features a sleek, minimalistic design with a dark colour scheme, accentuated by vibrant blue gradients and futuristic graphic elements. A refined animation library was employed to ensure consistent and captivating component animations throughout the site. Subtle imagery was thoughtfully incorporated to enhance the visual appeal of key sections.


KOTA developed a A+C monogram inspired by AnaCap’s previous identity, fostering a sense of evolution rather than a complete departure from their established business. The brand identity was further reinforced through the use of a contemporary typeface that positioned AnaCap within the fintech landscape, empowering them to create impactful, type-focused communications. Additionally, KOTA created a set of sleek graphical icons, enabling the client to effectively signpost different sections across the website and presentations. To breathe life into the brand, a hero brand video was produced for the homepage, combining dynamic graphical and typographic elements.

By meticulously crafting a new fintech-inspired brand and designing a user-centric website, KOTA successfully revitalised AnaCap’s visual identity, enabling them to engage and resonate with their target audience in the financial services sector.


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