Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

We delivered an ultra flexible platform to meet the marketing needs of this finance software provider.

Web design & development
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Sonovate help recruitment businesses and consultancies of all sizes get money in quickly to pay their contractors on time. Their combination of simple, fast funding and technology means their clients get time back to grow their business.

Their software helps businesses manage everything from timesheets to finance financial forecasting. It provides a simple but powerful dashboard that gives users quick access to everything related to finance and contracting.

Sonovate approached us to create a new responsive website that would give them complete creative control over updating their website due to their constantly evolving needs. Spinning up new pages with complete flexibility was essential. The site also needed to handle showcases of complex product functionality, light marketing messaging and everything in between.


Finance software



Our Approach

Our focus was on finding a fresh new way to utilise their established brand assets and on creating a fully functional page builder website.

We established a clean design language using their brand to create a series of components that could be combined in any order across any new template. We had to design the components to be very flexible and useful in multiple areas to limit the overall number while still providing enough variety.

Alongside the page builder elements, we created a streamlined navigation system that would easily accommodate new sections over time and helped users quickly identify where they needed to go.

We utilized simple component animations across imagery and text to create a consistent animation language that worked no matter how components were combined.

The final result totally transformed how the Sonovate team utilized their website. It allowed them to react quickly to their ever-changing marketing needs as well as helped customers quickly navigate the world of business finance.

Result after 3 months

17.53%Increase in returning users.
49.21%Increase in avg. session duration.
9.33%Increase in sessions.

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