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Who on earth is Bekah McDonald?

March 31st 2021

By Bekah

We’re proud to be a tight-knit team, but also a collection of unique individuals. In this interview series, we’re quizzing our people on all the things that make them tick. Today, the spotlight is on Bekah, one of our Developers.

Who are you and what do you do at KOTA?

Hi, I’m Bekah and I’m a developer and Shopify expert at KOTA.


How did you get here?

Unconventionally! I used to work in the events industry, organising international cycling and F1 events. It probably says a lot about me that my favourite part was the spreadsheets 🤓 The day I started learning JavaScript for fun, it felt like I’d discovered I had superpowers. I was hooked and started writing code every spare minute I had. It wasn’t too long before I picked up my first freelance client (a microsite for Ford Europe!) and then landed my first developer job at a boutique design agency. And then in the middle of a pandemic, I joined KOTA and have never looked back.


Three favourite brands and why?

This is a hard one for me! I’m not a fan of “sleek” or “polished” brands, and I need way more than a strong aesthetic or slick website. I love brands that make me feel good about myself and contribute something positive far beyond their product or service – brands like Monzo and Who Gives A Crap. Actually, my favourite brand doesn’t even have a particularly good website, so if you’re reading this Jackalope Brewery, do get in touch…


Good web design is…

accessible, intuitive and considered.


When you were little you wanted to be…

A vet who lived in a windmill and drove an ice-cream van. Those dreams have changed somewhat over the years, but I think I’ll always be that kid who knows exactly what she wants.


What do you geek out over?

Space. Video games. Dinosaurs.


What’s something that usually surprises people about you?

That my five-year plan includes moving out of London and acquiring a herd of goats! Although if you just read what I wanted to be when I was a kid, maybe you’re not that surprised.

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