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Who on Earth is Emily Malone?

April 29th 2024

By Emily

Getting everyone together to film a Friends-style montage was proving tricky, so we settled on this: a series of candid interviews with our team members. Today, we caught up with Emily, our new Head of Marketing.

Who are you and what do you do at KOTA?

Hey! I’m Emily, the fresh (ish) face at the helm of KOTA’s marketing department. My job is essentially to get eyeballs on all the things we’re whipping up at KOTA.  I’ll be mixing a bit of strategic thinking with KOTA’s rebellious spirit to bring more soul-feeding creative projects through our doors.

How did you get here?

I initially toyed with the idea of studying Psychology at university, but as a little goth bookworm, I ended up graduating with an English Literature BA degree instead. I had these grand ideas of storming into a London publishing house and magically becoming the Editor in Chief. Failing that, I’d open up a Black Books-style bookshop where I could drink heavily and shout at the customers. Obviously, neither of those things happened. But that marked the beginning of my journey to KOTA!

I cut my teeth as a music journalist for a local magazine here in Nottingham in 2014, then trained as a professional copywriter, and from there, went on to become a Content Executive, Marketing Manager, and finally, Head of Marketing for various creative agencies. The common thread in all these roles has been my love of writing.

I developed a bit of a knack for bringing the personality out of brands. The dynamic nature of creative agency marketing meant I had to be nimble and versatile, so I expanded my expertise across Events, PR, SEO, Social, Advertising, Brand Strategy, and much more. I’ve essentially become the Swiss Army knife of marketing, and I love it.

Three favourite brands and why?

THE VAMPIRE’S WIFE:  Suzie Cave’s clothing line blends elegance with a dark twist. Their approach to design is about evoking emotion and telling a story, and you can tell their designs are heavily inspired by literature, music, art and film. From the newsletters that include poems and other inspirational titbits, to that unmistakable Suzie Cave tone-of-voice, it feels intimate. I love brands that are narratively compelling and invite the audience in. It feels more meaningful.

HELLEBORE ZINE:  I’m a huge nerd for zine culture and DIY publishing. There’s something really intimate about immersing yourself in these independently published gems, crafted with pure passion. Hellebore, in particular, always kills it. I’m obsessed with its style – it’s like a contemporary homage to an ancient mediaeval manuscript, marrying the old with the new to create something truly unique.

SURREAL: I haven’t even tasted the cereal that Surreal makes yet, but I’m obsessed with their brand communications. I love a brand that has the ability to spin a story that’s relatable and engaging, but dotted with humour and irony. They aren’t afraid to challenge conventional wisdom or poke fun at common perceptions. This boldness in their storytelling, coupled with a wry sense of humour, makes their content not just memorable, but also a standout in a sea of more serious, by-the-book brand communications. It’s this blend of daring content, clever wit, and an unapologetic approach to marketing that truly sets them apart. See here for an example of that.

Good web design is…

Enjoyable to explore and easy to use. Something that blends engaging copy that sparks emotion with smooth UX and captivating visuals.

What do you geek out over?

Horror films, hands down. So much so that in my spare time, I edit a horror film zine with my Graphic Design friend called The Nottingham Horror Collective. Within each zine issue, we publish artwork, short stories, poetry, and film criticism by horror-loving creatives from all over the world. We co-founded it during lockdown (remember that?) and it’s sort of snowballed from there. Now, we also do curated film screenings at our local cinema and work with film festivals like Mayhem and Final Girls in Berlin.

So if you somehow ever need someone to dish out useless trivia about the Alien franchise or enlighten you on the cultural significance of VIY (1967), I’m your gal.

What’s your morning routine?

I turn off each of my partner’s 7 billion alarms that haven’t woken him and maniacally shake him awake. Then I appease the 2 goblins that live with us (AKA feed the cats), and go for a bleary-eyed swim at my local leisure centre. After that, I come home and make a cup of tea and head to my home office to log on. Riveting stuff.

What’s something that usually surprises people about you?

My dad built and ran a popular indoor skatepark when my brother and I were growing up, so I can skateboard. Don’t ask me to drop in on an 8ft ramp any more, though – I am now significantly more afraid of dying than when I was a teen.

Where do you live? What’s it like?

Nottingham. If I walk 20 minutes one way, I end up in beautiful woodland, open water swimming lakes, and green fields. A 20 minute walk the other way, I’m in a vibrant, culture-rich city. It’s the best of both worlds. There’s a really great community of creatives here, an endless selection of gigs to go to, and always someone around to affectionately call you ‘duck’. What more could you want?

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