Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

We designed a new E-Commerce platform for Aardvark, an insect-based pet food startup.

Web design & development
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Aardvark are an insect-based pet food startup on a mission to make pet ownership more planet-friendly, developing food for dogs and cats that uses insects as the protein source. Pets are responsible for as much as a quarter of the damage associated with the meat industry, therefore Aardvark believe reducing their environmental pawprint is essential to our planet’s future.

Aardvark approached KOTA to design an informative and intuitive E-Commerce website that matched their bold visual style. Throughout the design process, we had to make sure the website was not only easy to digest but also reflected the character and personality behind Aardvark.


Pet food



Our Approach

Good web design is fundamental for any type of E-Commerce business. Consumers must be able to easily navigate through a website to ensure they find what they are looking to purchase. Therefore, our approach started with streamlining the online shopping experience, making sure each user flow on the site was simple for a consumer and used clearly labelled call-to-actions throughout. Shopify was our first choice of E-commerce platform. It provides a seamless checkout experience for the customer, and gives Aardvark a powerful set of tools to run and grow their business.

Style-wise, Aardvark’s new bold branding brought the website to life, using the brands blue and orange along with their pet illustrations to reflect Aardvark’s playful yet transparent personality. One important page of the website and to the client is The Science page, hosting transparent and informative knowledge regarding the ingredients, recipe and expertise behind the world’s most sustainable range of dry kibble.

Results after 5 months

5.89%E-Commerce conversion rate.
27.41%Returning customers rate.
41.75%Average monthly increase in total orders placed since the launch.

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