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Little's Coffee

Little's Coffee are a family run coffee business filled with a team full of coffee lovers. The Little’s journey started over 25 years ago when the husband and wife team, Henry and Leila Little, first dreamed up the idea of making flavoured coffee – inspired by the coffee roasters they encountered on their travels around California. Today you can find their products in the biggest supermarkets around the UK like Waitrose and Sainsbury's, as well as online (that's where we come in). Little's approached KOTA to design a fun and intuitive E-Commerce website that matches their playful branding and packaging. Throughout the design process, we had to make sure the website is not only easy to digest but also reflects the character and personality behind Little's brand.






Web Design

Web Development



The Approach

Our focus was on streamlining a customer's online shopping experience, making sure each user flow on the site was simple and clearly labelled. Shopify was our first choice of an E-Commerce platform as it provides a seamless checkout experience for the customers. We established a clean design language whilst using Little's colourful branded shapes found from their packaging, to add a quirkiness to the site. With a wide range of coffee products to select from, the user journey and checkout experience needed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Our designers factored in key features such as related products and suggested items into our UX design process. We streamlined the navigation to easily accommodate and filter all products that Little's have on offer, directing customers to the desired page.


The Results


Increase in visitors.


Increase in the nr of total orders.


Increase in total sales (GBP).

Data collected 2.5 months after the go-live.



"KOTA just built us a shiny new eCommerce website on Shopify and we couldn't be happier with it. The whole process was a breeze – by far the easiest web project I've ever worked on – and they brilliantly interpreted our brand. It not only looks like the best representation of Little's Coffee but it ticks all the boxes from a user journey point of view, too. We know that, thanks to KOTA, we're going to be able to convert more sales and introduce more customers to the wonderful world of flavoured coffee. Everyone on the team is so friendly, forward thinking and knowledgeable and we're looking forward to working with KOTA on an ongoing basis. Thanks team!"

Steph Howson

Marketing Manager

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