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Peek into the future of power generation with Antheon's bold new website

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Meet Antheon, a leader of technological advancements in engineering. Behind their doors is a team brimming with brilliant minds and unbridled talent, dedicated to reshaping the future of electric power generation.

Antheon has crafted the most compact and powerfully efficient hybrid turbine engine the planet has ever seen—it’s lighter, smaller, faster, stronger, and greener. Their mission? To revolutionise electric power generation, one turbine at a time.






But even the most groundbreaking inventions need the right platform to shine. Antheon approached us with a clear vision: they needed a website that not only showcased the sheer brilliance of their product, but did so without giving away the secret sauce behind their innovative technology.

We presented them with three distinct look and feel routes, each designed to capture the essence of their groundbreaking product in a unique light. They were immediately drawn to the dark-themed concept, which resonated with the depth and intensity of their vision.

The chosen look and feel was more than just a colour palette; it was a narrative device. The dark theme provided a canvas that made the bright elements of the turbine pop, while soft lighting and a dynamic layout added a layer of mystique.

Antheon wanted to create a sense of awe and curiosity, making every visitor feel as though they were peeking into the future, without revealing all the secrets that await there.


Despite the project’s compact scope—just five pages—we set out to create something truly epic. The challenge was to infuse the website with elements that were as dynamic and innovative as the turbine itself. This led us to integrate animated and interactive features that would bring the turbine to life digitally.

One of our standout solutions was the full-screen scrolling animation, which elegantly unfolds the story of the turbine, detailing its features and functionalities in a way that’s both engaging and educational.

The design also included a full-screen menu activated by a ‘burger’ icon—a sleek alternative to the traditional navigation bar. This not only streamlined the user interface but also introduced an interactive line drawing of the engine that rotates as users navigate through the site, enhancing the interactive experience.

The Result

The final website is a testament to the power of creative collaboration and bold design choices in offering a glimpse into the future of power generation. Through this project, Antheon’s pioneering spirit was translated into a digital format that reflects their mission and the groundbreaking nature of their work.

It’s a clear example of how embracing bold, thematic web design can elevate a brand’s digital presence and engage users in a deeply immersive experience.

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