The Brief

Brinkworth are award-winning documentary makers who reveal the stories that are often not told, helping to change audience perceptions and raise awareness of important social issues and topics. They create both one-off films and documentary series through a combination of trust, skill and design process, working with organisations such as the Police, Social Care and the NHS. Brinkworth have pioneered a style that ultimately represents deep human experiences, in collaboration with broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel4 and HBO. KOTA were approached to create not only a complete brand identity, but also work on the company's proposition, creating a point of differentiation in the industry that explains to the audience not only exactly what Brinkworth do, but why. KOTA were also tasked with bringing their online presence up to date, creating a unique website that would work hand in hand with Brinkworth's new identity. The website needed to showcase the great work Brinkworth produce as well as conveying the deep human experiences their documentaries touch upon.


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Web Design

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Brand Identity

Through our extensive discovery process and stakeholder interviews, we created the new brand proposition line 'Revealed Human Experiences'. This encapsulates what Brinkworth stands for in terms of subject matter, relationship building, design process and viewing experience. This concept was then further developed through the logo marks and the way the brand identity was to be portrayed. The Logo Marks are born from the concept of the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’. Brinkworth make films that often deal with subject matters that are rarely spoken about, or a side of a story that would rarely represented. The form of the logo is a visual representation of this, with the letters of the logo having parts that are not seen and parts that are seen. This creates an almost uneasy visual experience, but one which still has clarity, professionalism and a premium qualities, something as a company Brinkworth are always striving for.



With both the website, and digital advertising the concept behind the imagery again revolves around ‘Revealed Human Experiences’, bringing a subject matter into focus that would normally not be attempted. To represent this we used a gaussian blur application to parts of the documentary imagery, to suggest the 'bringing into focus'. This works by applying the blur over part of a protagonists face, so some is revealed and some is obscured through the use of focus. As well as continuing the 'Revealed Human Experiences' concept, it also creates a stark and mysterious aesthetic that works perfectly with the style of the documentaries.

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