Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

We helped to position this innovative SaaS company as the leader in the legal tech sector.

Web design & development
Digital Marketing

ContractPodAi are the leading contract management SaaS company trusted by the largest global corporations. They are headquartered in London with offices in the US, UK, Canada and India. Their intuitive, AI-powered CLM platform streamlines contracting by enabling their clients to digitally generate, manage, sign and analyse contracts anywhere in the world.

Due to their innovative solutions, they are ahead of the curve in the legal tech sector. As a result, one of the issues ContractPodAi face is the lack of awareness about such tools amongst their prospective clients.

KOTA partnered with ContractPodAi to help educate the legal sector on the power of AI and position themselves as the industry leader online. To do so, we designed and developed a new, intuitive website, as well as refreshed their branding to align with their new brand proposition work provided by Duality, a strategic brand agency, Duality. As ContractPodAi’s creative agency, we also support their marketing team with digital marketing campaigns.

Our collaboration is not only focused on lead generation but also on creating a memorable visual brand that is unique and stands out in the legal technology industry. We can proudly say that we succeeded!


SaaS, Legal Tech



Brand Identity

Our main objective was to establish a refreshed brand presence online for ContractPodAi, allowing them to showcase their products’ highly technical software features in a premium way. We tweaked the colours of their established logo mark to fit in with a new brand key visual and new typeface. The key visual was made up of undulating coloured waves representing the different contract management stages handled through their AI technology

The Website

The website we crafted allows ContractPodAi to share key information about their software on a fast, responsive and SEO-friendly site. Thanks to using bright splashes of colour and a rich background palette we were able to really dial up the premium technical aesthetic.

We created a streamlined user experience that quickly communicates top-level software features without overwhelming the user and also deep dive access to more detailed information. Our developers built flexible landing page templates, which can be tailored to any digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Support

The new brand assets were applied to all the client’s comms, ranging from doc templates to lead generation forms and white papers. We supported their marketing team by developing a series of new videos, including a brand launch video featuring an animated version of their key visual. KOTA are currently appointed as the creative agency by ContractPodAi and support them with ongoing digital marketing campaigns.

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