Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

We visualised the live venue music experience of this awesome collection of late night bars.

Web design & development
media video

Records Bars are a collection of live music venues, with performances in all of their venues nightly, expert cocktails and great pizza. Currently made up of Old Street Records, Venn Street Records, Northcote Records and Eastcheap Records, the bars are the go-to choice for a crowd that love eclectic live music, a late license and a little dance.

We were approached to produce four stand-alone websites for each of the venues, plus a corporate site for the groups owners Rocket Leisure. The brief was to expertly represent the interiors of the venues, mixing the music news wallpaper with the neon lighting and music icon artwork.

Rocket Leisure wanted us to produce a ‘wow’ moment when users land on the sites. We did this by transporting them right into the middle of the crowd at each of the venues!





The Approach.

The ‘wow’ moment we implemented was a 3D parallax header effect that feels like the user is in the middle of the crowd at each of the venues. This was achieved by constructing a composition from hi-res photography supplied by the client, making sure to get the correct mixture of people and reactions in the crowd for the venue being promoted.

Splitting the composition into its foreground, middle ground and background elements meant we were able to control how each layer animates, ultimately creating the 3D illusion. Each venue has its own interior, with the crowd effect being triggered on lateral mouse movement and on scroll down, into the rest of the homepage content.


29.78%Increase in session duration.
29.33%Increase in pages per session.
27.55%Decrease in bounce rate.

We are really, really happy with the site, and we are REALLY excited about it!

Rosie Johnstone

Head of Marketing, Records Bars

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