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We created a campaign packed full of impact for Jamie's new book, 7 Ways.

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Here we go again! Once more, we’ve partnered with Jamie Oliver and Penguin books to create the marketing campaign for Jamie’s new 2020 book – 7 Ways.

This is part of the simple concept led trilogy of 5 Ingredients and VEG. In the book, Jamie shares 7 achievable, exciting and tasty ways to cook 18 of our favourite ingredients, and each recipe will include no more than 8 ingredients.

The key to the campaign was a concept that was accessible to all food lovers. It had to be vibrant, modern, bright, commercial and immediate.





Our Approach.

Before starting the creative we first worked out the goals for the campaign. It had to quickly and simply convey the books concept, use fun language, be vibrant and eye catching – matching the dishes and book visuals, adapt easily internationally and finally, it had to feel like it sits within same family as 5 Ingredients and VEG.

…so after weeks of brainstorming – ‘Not Just’ was born :

Most ingredients we only use for a remarkably few dishes. We stuff peppers and roast chicken, mince is spag bol and eggs are for breakfast.

We want to take a stand against that. Liberate all ingredients. Away from the mundane, onwards to the exciting. Our ingredients aren’t just for one thing — They are not just for scrambling or stroganoffing.

They’re Not Just!

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