Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

Stepping Stone Media's brand and website revamp.

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Stepping Stone Media came to us with an all-too-familiar problem: their site had done its job since 2015, but it was starting to feel like an old pair of shoes—comfortable but a bit worn out.

As a B2B content creation powerhouse, they needed a more modern digital presence that would attract new clients and appeal to top industry talent.

The goal was clear: attract new clients, impress current ones, and catch the eye of top-tier talent. Naturally, we were eager to dive in and get creative.


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The Challenge

Stepping Stone Media’s old website had served them well, but was ready for a refresh. It didn’t quite reflect the current level of expertise and quality that they were known for. Their visual identity needed to be more cohesive to match their present stature.

The content management system (CMS) was a bit rigid for their dynamic needs, and they required advanced features like form and API integrations. Our task was clear: create a modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing website while refining the brand’s identity.

What we did

  • Brand refresh
  • Website redesign
  • Website development
  • The Brand

    We kicked things off with a deep dive into Stepping Stone Media’s brand. Through a series of lively stakeholder workshops, we unearthed their core values and vision. These sessions revealed the essence of what Stepping Stone Media stood for and, more importantly, where they wanted to go.

    One thing that stood out was their personable approach and the meaningful connections they make with their clients. This being their unique selling point, we wanted the brand to reflect this friendly, approachable personality.

    With this in mind, we made some thoughtful design choices. We got to work refining their logo, selecting new typography, and crafting a colour palette that truly captured their brand’s essence. We chose rounded corners on masks and a soft, approachable typeface that speaks softly rather than shouts.

    Curved shapes were integrated to feel welcoming, and we picked a vibrant, warm colour palette to create a fresh, cohesive brand identity.

    To top it all off, we created detailed brand guidelines, making sure every piece of content they produced would be unmistakably Stepping Stone. The result? A brand that’s as personable and dynamic as the team behind it.

    The Website

    Next, we tackled the website. Our goal was to design a site that’s not just visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly. We started by creating wireframes and prototypes for a responsive site that worked seamlessly on both desktop and mobile. The design phase was all about user experience and interface, ensuring that visitors to the site would have an intuitive and engaging journey.

    Building a custom CMS was crucial. We wanted to empower the Stepping Stone Media team to update content easily and regularly, keeping the site fresh and relevant. SEO best practices were integrated from the get-go, boosting visibility and improving search engine rankings.

    Rigorous testing followed. We tested the site across various browsers and devices to ensure everything worked perfectly. Once we were confident in its performance, we launched the new site, making sure it was seamless and glitch-free.

    But our job didn’t end with the launch. We provided comprehensive CMS training for the Stepping Stone Media team, equipping them with the skills needed to manage and update the new site. We also offered a 30-day bug fix guarantee and ongoing support to keep the site running smoothly.

    The results

    Working with Stepping Stone Media was a fantastic journey from start to finish. We took a brand that was already strong and polished it until it shone like never before.

    The new website is sleek, modern, and user-friendly, perfectly capturing their dynamic spirit and high-quality work. It’s early days, but the positive feedback from clients and industry peers has been the cherry on top.

    Now, Stepping Stone Media has a digital presence that doesn’t just look great but also empowers their team to keep it fresh and engaging. They’re set up for continued success, ready to impress new clients and attract top talent.

    In the end, we helped them achieve a transformation that truly represents who they are and where they’re headed. Here’s to their bright future in the B2B content creation world!

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