Celebrating 10 years : 2013 - 2023

Inside Florence's stunning brand and digital transformation.

Web design & development

Florence, a vibrant online marketplace, connects care professionals with healthcare providers through web and mobile apps in the UK, France, and Canada. With a mission of streamlining healthcare staffing and management and ambitions to expand into Germany and beyond, they knew they needed a digital makeover. Enter KOTA.

The challenge was to transform Florence’s brand and digital presence from top to bottom. We needed to craft a fresh brand strategy, redesign their website, and establish detailed, actionable brand guidelines.

Our mission? Enhance user experience, align their digital presence with Florence’s identity, and set the stage for explosive global growth.





Visual branding and positioning

We started with a deep dive into Florence’s world. Through stakeholder and customer interviews, market research, and competitor analysis, we gathered invaluable insights. And armed with this knowledge, we then held a brand positioning workshop.

Ideas flew, creativity sparked, and out of it emerged a compelling brand manifesto, mission, and vision that captured Florence’s spirit. We elevated Florence’s brand positioning by creating a cohesive and compelling digital identity aligned with their mission and values. Then, we integrated these brand elements consistently across the website, including colour schemes, typography, imagery, and tone of voice.

The tone of voice we crafted is confident, clear, and human—ensuring every communication felt consistent and engaging. By highlighting their core strengths and unique value propositions, we crafted a digital presence that resonates with their target audience and strengthens their market position.

Website design

Designing Florence’s new website was a journey in itself. Our UX and UI teams mapped out user journeys, crafted detailed wireframes, and built interactive prototypes. The goal was clear: create a site that’s as stunning as it is functional.

We introduced a clean, modern aesthetic with a calming colour palette, inviting users into a welcoming digital space. New graphic shapes and hand-drawn elements added a unique, approachable touch.

The result? An intuitive navigation system that lets healthcare professionals and organisations effortlessly find what they need. And with responsive design principles in place, the site looked and functioned beautifully on any device.

Website development

But it’s the development was where the magic really happened. We chose WordPress for its flexibility and power, building a custom visual page builder on top of it. This allowed for easy content updates and a tailored user experience.

But we didn’t stop there—by adding micro animations, we brought text and components to life, creating a dynamic and engaging interface that invites users to explore. This bespoke solution balanced powerful backend functionality with intuitive front-end design, ensuring a seamless digital presence aligned with Florence’s brand and goals.

Ongoing support

After thorough testing, we launched Florence’s new site without a hitch and empowered their team with comprehensive training. And with our ongoing Monthly SiteCare service, the site remains in peak condition, ready to support Florence’s global growth.

Voilà! The transformation was complete. Florence’s new digital presence is now live, vibrant, and ready to lead the way in healthcare staffing.

Tackling a massive project like this isn’t just about skill; it’s about finding a team that feels like an extension of your own. Throughout the whole project, Kota were empathetic, patient, flexible, quick, and, most importantly, incredibly talented with brand positioning, visual identity, and digital experiences. I've already recommended them twice!

Shanice Daeche

Chief Marketing Officer at Florence

The result?

50.1%rise in average engagement time after 1 month
60.5% rise in engaged sessions per user after 1 month
41.5% increase in organic users after 1 month

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