Jamie Oliver - 5 Ingredients


The Brief

After winning an extremely in-depth pitch process, we were selected by Jamie Oliver to produce the digital marketing campaign for his ‘5 Ingredients’ publication. The book centres on the concept of using just five main ingredients for each dish and has a very stripped back, minimal aesthetic. Our main concepts for the campaign were also based on the idea of simplicity. The creative for the out of home advertising played with the idea of deconstructing the dishes, showing the 5 ingredients in their original form, next to a half plate of the finished meal. The book went on to become the biggest selling publication in the UK in 2017 and so far has had two television series made from it.






Digital Marketing

Creative Concepts

Video Production

Graphic Design


The Approach

Alongside the 'deconstructed' creative for the out of home advertising, we also created an online and social media campaign. This was based around the concept of using one of the most simplistic forms of number recognition; the five fingers on the hand. Again by using a simple visual solution to count the stages of the ingredients, the audience can instantly make the connection that there are just the five ingredients that go into the dish. The third part of our campaign was a pre-roll Youtube advert using the concept of the five ingredients being spun around in a slot machine (disguised as a bread bin), and producing recipes from the random ingredients the machine stops on.

"We have now worked with Kota on two Jamie Oliver books including the biggest selling book of 2017, Jamie’s 5 Ingredients. The Kota team brought an incredible level of creativity and digital experience to the campaign with the creative used for 5 Ingredients, being one of the most digitally engaging campaigns we have ever run. It is amazing working with a team of people who are always prepared to go the extra mile in order to deliver a top quality campaign. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Elizabeth Smith

Comms Director, Penguin Books

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