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November 24th 2020



This year we have previously shared our approach to User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design, Web Development and Branding, so now we would like to give some insight into our Digital Marketing expertise, or more specifically, one of its important elements – Social Media. Let us tell you about the type of services we offer for both, organic and paid channels.

KOTA complement our clients’ in-house marketing and communication teams, whether for a one-off campaign or an ongoing partnership. Our team’s diverse skill set enables us to deliver strategy, design great social media assets, and execute any type of campaign.

In the past, we have worked on projects in a range of different industries, from Hospitality to E-commerce, and we are always open to exploring new topics and channels.

Read on to find out how our creative agency can help your business grow on social media (and beyond!).



This is the part where we work out how we can meet the client’s business objectives with the help of social media. We take those factors under consideration:

  • Goal: What’s the focus – to make more sales? Increase engagement or traffic to the website? Build brand awareness?
  • Duration: Is it a one-off campaign or ongoing support, ie social media account management?
  • Social Media channels: Do you want to inspire potential business clients on LinkedIn, engage with your e-commerce customers on Instagram or explore new opportunities on TikTok?
  • Type: Organic vs paid? Should we help with ad setup or Influencer Marketing?
  • Concept: Do you need us to create concepts for stand-alone campaigns, or a suite of creative assets for ongoing social media channel content? If you have ideas from your in-house marketing team, we can develop these and collaborate.
  • Budget: How much are you budgeting to spend?

We will then structure a content plan and strategy of which channels to post which assets to and when so you can sign off on the schedule.

Of course, these are just some common examples. We consider every project case by case to ensure clients find the exact type of services they need.


Organic Social Media

It involves free content sharing, just like we all do privately. However, in this case, we use it to tell your brand’s story and reach the business objectives. We can help you promote your company’s values, the latest innovations, inspiring ideas or simply great offers. We’ll research your audience, similar brands on the specific social media platform and the type of posts that generated the most engagement in the past.

When it comes to content, creativity is our main focus, regardless of the client’s budget. Quality visuals are crucial on image-focused platforms such as Instagram, so we’re always happy to help with organising photoshoots. Nowadays, user attention span is getting shorter and shorter, therefore we recommend utilising video to grab attention, or alternatively the carousel format, to break down complex messaging into smaller elements.

For clients on a retained contract, we can provide a content calendar, schedule the posts on social media channels and monitor the performance with monthly and yearly reports to enable marketing managers to focus on other tasks at hand. We can even help you with Influencer Marketing and find the right brand ambassadors!

Our favourite past projects include the campaigns for Penhaligon’s perfumers:

We’re also proud of last year’s campaign for Annoushka Jewellery. Those assets were used across social media channels, as well as on their website:

Paid Social Media

We usually recommend supplementing organic social media strategy with paid advertising. Whether you’d like to get more exposure to some great organic content you posted previously, or reach a new audience – paid is the way to go. As usual, we perform extensive research into the target audience and work out the best way to reach them and convert.

Before we start buying ads, we always make sure we can track the conversions, for example for Facebook and Instagram advertising, we set up Pixel, which feeds the website data back to Facebook. Once that’s done, we usually have to create Custom Conversions for website events such as offer downloads.

Paid ads are especially great for E-commerce businesses. Did you know that almost 70% of visitors who added a product to the cart will abandon it? We can retarget them with a discount which will entice them to reconsider the purchase. We can set up your product catalogue and show users the exact products pages they visited (or upsell products they might like as well). We can also target the lookalikes of past shoppers – where Facebook’s algorithm would find people who like similar things and behave similarly. Artificial Intelligence can be very useful in Digital Marketing! For E-commerce advertising, it’s also fairly easy to track the ‘Return On Ad Spend’ – unlike when it comes to B2B services such as ours (we do have our ways though – let us know if you’d like to find out more!).

For any type of campaign, we always make sure we test varying copy, creative and call to actions, as well as landing pages. After all, each audience requires a different approach! Once we have a clear winner, we will move the budget to the best-performing ads and continue monitoring it over time.

A great example of paid social campaigns designed by KOTA are the ones for Jamie Oliver’s books. In the most recent campaign for ‘7 Ways’, we helped Jamie share 7 achievable, exciting and tasty ways to cook 18 of our favourite ingredients:

The role of Web Design in Social Media

In most cases, social media marketing is interconnected with the website, as the primary sales tool. If your landing page is bad, you will convert a much smaller number of people, no matter how much time and money you put in promoting it!

At KOTA, we have a team of web design experts who know exactly how to create the most effective user journey and experience. Last year we created a great performing landing page for the British Red Cross ‘One Kind Thing’ campaign. The CMS has a very clever feature which enables personalisation of the on-page content for the target audience. Those landing pages performed really well in social media ads, as the user personas were based on interests and behaviours, which is exactly the type of targeting Facebook Ads enable. In such a way, British Red Cross served the perfect landing page for each of their target audiences.


As you can see, we provide services in all things digital, including social media! In the past, KOTA have worked with both established and start-up organisations, and we are always open to new challenges. If you’re looking for a social media management agency, just contact us, so we can start building your social media presence together.

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