Brand Identity Design Services

Show them who you really are.

Create an instantly recognisable, unique visual identity that tells your customers who you are and leaves a lasting impression.

Specialist branding services that build trust.

Combining strategy with creativity, we’ll craft a new visual identity system for your brand. From subtle details to bold new choices, our branding experts know how to use colours, logos and typography to maximum effect.

Logo and icon design.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a global giant, your logo is one of the most important parts of your brand arsenal. Are you budget or luxury? Traditional or modern? Let our expert team take the visual reins and design a logo you can be proud of.


It’s not just about what you say – it’s how you say it. Let us find a font that fits, bringing consistency to your storytelling and thoughtful flares to your brand identity.

Brand guidelines.

Get a set of handy brand guidelines that act as a north star for all-things visual. It’ll give both designers and new starters a clear sense of your brand identity, keeping everything looking and sounding as it should.

Our Results

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increase in users after 1 year.


increase in sales after 1 year


increase in conversions after 6 months

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By providing a visual and emotional connection to your content and values. It influences perceptions and behaviours, making interactions with your brand more memorable and meaningful. Consistent visual elements help users navigate your digital platforms more intuitively, too.

Some basic trends include minimalism for clarity and focus, and bold and expressive typography to grab attention. Staying aware of these trends ensures your brand stays fresh with the changing times. More design trends here!

Focus on unique elements that reflect your brand’s personality and consider subverting what’s expected within your industry so you don’t fall into the trap of looking like everyone else. You can differentiate with a distinctive tone of voice, memorable logo, and typography that speaks your brand’s language. Oh, and research competitors to fill the visual gaps they’ve left open.

By evoking emotions and conveying messages without words. Colours can influence perception and behaviour, while typography can reflect your brand’s character and ethos. Together, they form a visual language that speaks to your audience and tells them who you are as a brand.

This involves creating a comprehensive style guide that details your visual elements like logos, colours, and typography. You’ll need to regularly audit your channels to ensure your team adheres to this guide, and don’t skimp on doing some ongoing training for your team on its importance.

Tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and Sketch offer extensive features for designing visual elements of your brand. Resources such as Behance and Dribbble can provide inspiration, while design blogs and books offer insights into best practices and trends.

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