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Brand strategy.

Start by uncovering the strategic gold dust that makes your brand unique, and then bring it to life through purposeful positioning and messaging.

Tone of voice.

It doesn’t matter how compelling your story is – if you say it in the wrong way, it just won’t land. So let us find you a voice that fits, cutting through the noise to get your brand noticed.

Visual identity.

Bringing strategic thinking to every design choice we make, let us create a visual identity system that not only makes sense, but makes an impact.

Our Results

The proof is in the pudding.


increase in returning visitors after 6 months.


increase in conversions after 6 months


increase in sales after 1 year.

Branding workflow.

An example timeline of brand strategy through to visual identity.

Questionnaires3 weeks

To begin we will send out stakeholder questionnaires to gather independent thoughts of all the key stakeholders. These questionnaires will help us fully immerse ourselves in the internal perspective of where the brand is at, and where stakeholders think it should be moving forwards.

Work involved

Questionnaire AnalysisResearch & ImmersionCompetitor AnalysisIndustry AnalysisKick Off Meeting Prep

Brand Workshop3 hours

We will then host a 2 to 3 hour video call workshop where we will present our findings from the stakeholder questionnaires and initial research, and then explore themes on current and potential brand positioning, unique selling points, personality and identity.

Work involved

Video Call WorkshopMiro BoardMeeting Notes & Playback

Brand Strategy2 weeks

Using all the collected insights, we'll develop a differentiated and cohesive brand position. This will include the 'Big Idea' as the running essence of the brand, uncover your USPs and manifesto, plus your mission, vision and values. We will initially present a selection of positioning concepts back to the key stakeholders.

Work involved

Brand Strategy & Big IdeaBrand ManifestoVision & MissionBrand Values

Tone of Voice2 weeks

We will also start working on the brand voice and story, concentrating on the brand personality, brand voice pillars to adhere to, vocabulary and application guides. Both the strategy and tone of voice will be added to the online brand guidelines.

Work involved

Tone of Voice PillarsBrand PersonalityGlossary & VocabularyHow-to Writing Guides

Logo & Icon Design2 weeks

Whether we are evolving the logo to modernise, completely refreshing or starting from scratch, we will design logo and icon marks that have concept and reasoning behind them. Your logo will position you perfectly in the industry and give you a huge point of differentiation.

Work involved

Logo DesignIcon DesignAsset Folder Delivery

Visual Identity3 weeks

After the logo and icon design, we will move into wider identity concepts looking at colour palette, typography, layout style and brand visuals/graphics across three different concept routes. These will be put into a document for us to present to the key stakeholders and begin to develop a chosen route further.

Work involved

TypographyColour PaletteLayout StylesBrand VisualsImagery UsageTouchpoint Examples

Brand Guidelines1 week

The brand positioning, tone of voice, and brand identity we produce will be made into a online brand guidelines document. This can be kept updated easily, and will have assets to download in the relevant places. This will be your guide moving forwards on how to apply the new identity and keep it consistent.

Work involved

Verbal GuidelinesVisual GuidelinesLayout GuidelinesTouchpoint ExamplesAsset Folder Delivery
Week 1
Week 3
Week 4
Week 4
Week 8
Week 10
Week 14

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Strong branding resonates with your audience, builds trust, and fosters loyalty. It shapes perceptions, influences decisions, and can turn casual browsers into committed customers. Essentially, effective branding amplifies your online visibility and impact, making your mark in the virtual world unmistakable and unforgettable. It’s more than just logos and colours; it’s your identity, values, and the story you tell.

Crafting a strong brand strategy involves a few key steps: understanding your target audience, defining your brand’s core values and personality, and consistently applying this identity across all your communications. It’s a blueprint that ensures every piece of content feels unmistakably “you.”

Absolutely. In the crowded online marketplace, your brand’s tone of voice can be a powerful differentiator. It’s how you express your brand’s personality, connect with your audience on an emotional level, and stand out from the competition. A distinct tone of voice makes your brand memorable and relatable.

Your brand’s visual identity should evolve as your business does. While there’s no set timeline, refreshing your look every few years can help keep your brand relevant and engaging. Keep an eye on trends and feedback, but stay true to your core identity to ensure consistency.

A successful visual identity includes a recognisable logo, a harmonious colour palette, consistent typography, and imagery that reflects your brand’s personality and values. These elements should work together to create a cohesive look that resonates with your target audience.

A lot of people will tell you that brand is bollocks, but we know this isn’t true; it’s just harder to measure. Measuring the effectiveness of your branding involves tracking engagement, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Look at metrics like website traffic, social media engagement, and conversion rates. Surveys and feedback can also provide insights into how your brand’s perceived.

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