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Get a unique custom website using the latest technology to create dynamic, interactive, and genuinely enjoyable online experiences.

Cutting-edge websites coded to your goals.

Using the latest front-end technologies, we create subtle animations and interactive elements to wow your audience without compromising on functionality.

Content & Functionality.

By finding natural breakpoints within the content and prioritising functionality, we’ll make sure your site responds seamlessly on any device.

HTML, CSS & Javascript.

We combine visual and technical skills in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build seamless websites, no matter how complex your needs or lofty your ambitions.

Make it a retainer.

Priority service : we’ll schedule your projects ahead of regular client work. No need to compete for our headspace – it’s yours.

Regular catch-ups : with a dedicated project manager and creative team assigned to your account, you’ll never be left last or in the dark.

Monthly reports : see a breakdown of how your month’s worth of hours have been spent and how effective they’ve been.

Our Results

We've got a track record for making waves.


increase in conversions after 6 months.


increase in average engagement time after 3 months.


increase in organic sessions after 1 year.

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It begins with planning, where you outline your site’s goals, target audience, and structure. Next comes design, where the visual layout and user experience take shape. After designs are approved, the development phase kicks off—this is where the coding magic happens, bringing the design to life. Following development, there’s the testing stage, ensuring everything works smoothly across different browsers and devices. Finally, the launch phase marks your website’s debut to the world. But the work doesn’t stop there; ongoing maintenance is crucial for keeping the site updated, secure, and functioning perfectly.

Your site’s security is non-negotiable to us. Regular updates, strong passwords, and a trusty SSL certificate are your digital armour against those online gremlins. Think of it as locking your doors and installing an alarm system, but for your website. Beyond these basics, implementing security measures such as two-factor authentication, regularly scanning for vulnerabilities, and educating your team on security best practices can further fortify your website. Remember that vigilance is your best defence.

WordPress offers a powerhouse of benefits, especially for content management. It’s user-friendly, making it accessible for users of all skill levels to create, edit, and manage content seamlessly. Beyond ease of use, WordPress provides extensive customisation options through themes and plugins, allowing you to tailor your site’s functionality and design to match your vision perfectly.

Every decision, from the coding language to the hosting platform, can turn your site into a speed demon or a slowpoke. It’s all about making smart choices that align with your site’s needs—think of it as tuning your car for peak performance on the digital racetrack.

Each has its charm. Single-page sites offer simplicity and ease of navigation, while multi-page setups provide room for extensive content. Your choice should mirror your online strategy and content volume.

An occasional facelift every few years keeps it from looking dated, while frequent updates (think security patches and content refreshes) ensure it runs smoothly and stays fresh. Not only does KOTA offer the expected maintenance and security, but we also offer design and marketing support. You can read more about SiteCare here.

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