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Bring your brand to life with a bespoke website that boosts engagement and brings a return on creativity.

DK&A Example to showcase a mobile web design our agency has created. There is a bright green ampersand and two women smiling in the image. The text on the giant ampersand reads: 'We are a strategic design consultancy for change-makers in business.'

Beautiful websites that break the mold.

From colours through to copy, we’ll design a captivating new website for your brand, drawing inspiration from different mediums and audiences until it’s pixel perfect. Because to us, it’s never just ‘a pixel’ – we see a finely tuned building block to your best digital self.

Thoughtful UX Design.

By considering the goals, strategy and architecture behind your new site, we’ll make sure it strikes the right chord with your target audience.

Eye-catching interfaces.

Starting with wireframes, we’ll design a clean and intuitive interface that’s simple, beautiful and strategically sound.

Motion graphics & animation.

We’ll animate and elevate your brand with eye-catching graphics that guide users to action.

Our Results

Where we've made a real impact.


rise in engaged sessions per user after 1 month.


increase in conversions after 6 months.


increase in average engagement time after 3 months.

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Creative web design is about crafting an online space that tells your brand’s story in a way that’s as unique as you are, engaging users with a blend of aesthetics, interactivity, and that little spark of KOTA magic.

Creative web design, with its clever use of micro-animations and interactive elements, can significantly boost user engagement. These subtle yet powerful design features draw visitors in, guiding them through your site in an intuitive and memorable way. By turning ordinary interactions into enjoyable experiences, creative design not only captivates attention but also encourages visitors to explore deeper, transforming passive viewers into active participants on your website.

Sure, a sleek, professional look suits some industries like a glove, while others thrive on vibrant, interactive elements. The key is knowing your audience. Whether you’re dressing a website for success in finance or fashion, the right creative approach can make it shine.

Walking the tightrope between eye-candy and user-friendly design is an art. The secret sauce? Start with usability as your foundation and sprinkle creativity on top. This way, you ensure your site isn’t just a pretty face but a smooth navigator.

Absolutely. A dash of creativity not only makes your site memorable but can gently guide visitors toward making that coveted click.

At Kota, our design process begins with a deep understanding of your goals, your brand’s core values, and your target audience’s needs to build on solid foundations. We then get into the brainstorming phase, where initial concepts are developed and refined. Here, concepts and ideas flow freely, with creativity leading the charge. Mood boards and style tiles often come into play, helping to visualise the aesthetic direction and thematic elements. Then, we translate these ideas into tangible visuals, carefully iterating based on your feedback. Next, prototyping tools bring these static designs to life, offering a glimpse into the user experience. And finally, the design is handed off to the development team, where it’s transformed from a visual concept into a gorgeous website.

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