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Stand out with a custom-built WordPress website that combines forward-thinking design with speed, flexibility, and enjoyable UX.

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Bringing over a decade of experience, we build bespoke WordPress websites that win business and work for your teams.


With countless years of experience in custom WordPress design and development, we’ll help your business benefit from the world’s most popular CMS, and SEO tools to enhance content performance.

Security & control.

By decoupling WordPress CMS from the front-end technology, we’re able to tighten security and improve speed overall.

Bespoke solutions.

As your business grows, so can your site. Let us connect your website to third party applications via APIs. If you’re ready to expand overseas or open a subsidiary, no problem. We can deliver multi-language, multi-site solutions with ease.

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WordPress stands out as a top choice for website platforms due to its flexibility, ease of use, and vast community support. Its user-friendly interface allows even non-technical users to create and manage a website with ease, while its open-source nature means it’s continually improved by developers worldwide.

Plugins are to WordPress what apps are to a smartphone; they extend and enhance functionality. From SEO optimisation and social media integration to security enhancements and e-commerce capabilities, there’s a plugin for almost every need. This customisable nature of WordPress through plugins allows you to tailor your site precisely to your requirements, adding complex features without needing to code from scratch.

Ensuring your WordPress site’s security involves a few key practices: regularly updating WordPress, themes, and plugins to their latest versions; using strong, unique passwords for all accounts; and implementing security plugins that fend off common threats. Additionally, regularly backing up your site ensures you can restore it should anything go awry. Staying vigilant and proactive about security measures can significantly reduce vulnerabilities and protect your site from potential attacks.

Improving your WordPress site’s SEO starts with choosing SEO-friendly themes and plugins, notably those designed for speed and responsiveness. Regularly producing high-quality, original content that’s valuable to your audience, along with proper use of keywords and meta tags, boosts your visibility. Using plugins like Yoast SEO can guide you through optimising your content and technical SEO, making it easier to climb search engine rankings.

Sure thing, migrating your existing website to WordPress is entirely feasible. The process involves moving your content, themes, and databases to the WordPress platform. Various tools and plugins are available to facilitate the migration, though for complex sites, you might want to reach out to the KOTA team for a smooth transition.

The primary difference lies in hosting and flexibility. is the self-hosted version, offering full control over your site but requiring you to arrange your own hosting. It’s ideal for those who want customisability and control., on the other hand, handles hosting for you and offers various plans, including a free option, but with more limitations on plugins and customisation. Your choice depends on your needs for flexibility, maintenance, and budget.

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