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Stunning websites that supercharge your brand.

Don’t just be noticed – become unmissable, with a captivating website that stops people in their tracks.

Creative web design.

Drawing inspiration from different mediums, trends and audiences, we craft thoughtful websites that help brands put their best digital foot forwards.

Web development.

Powered by front-end technologies and forward-thinking concepts, we make animated and interactive elements that enhance your website without slowing it down


We craft purposeful copy that packs a punch – not only telling your story, but selling your brand.


Use design and optimisation to your brand’s advantage, turning casual visitors into committed fans.


Tailor-made WordPress websites that capture hearts, minds and wallets.

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increase in conversions after 6 months.


increase in sales after 1 year.


increase in average engagement time after 3 months.

Website workflow.

Here’s an overview of a medium-sized, 14 week website project.

Immersion1 week

Ahead of the website kick off we'll immerse ourselves in your brief, company, and scope of work. We'll carry out competitor and industry analysis, a brand audit and start formulating a first draft of a sitemap. We'll mood board some visual concept directions if needed for the kick off. We'll also formulate your KOTA team.

Work involved

ResearchCompetitor AnalysisIndustry AnalysisMood BoardsSitemap CreationFormulate KOTA Team

Kick Off Meeting3 hours

After an initial intro call to say hi, we will prepare a timeline of milestones, starting with a ‘Kick Off’ meeting with key stakeholders and the KOTA team assigned to your project. Here we will discuss a range of points so we can get started soon after, including project goals, functionality, inspiration and website structure.

Work involved

WorkshopWorkshop PlaybackProject Timeline

Structure (UX)2 weeks

The most important part of any website is having a clear and concise structure in order for users to be able to find the relevant content quickly and easily. We'll wireframe your website as a clickable prototype, ensuring your content is structured correctly, creating a user experience that is engaging and intuitive.

Work involved

Sitemap ValidationUser MappingInformation ArchitectureUX DesignWireframingPrototyping

Design (UI)3 weeks

From the Wireframes we produce, we will then design either bespoke templates for each page of the website (in mobile and desktop resolutions), or look to design a component builder approach. The designs will be prototyped with minimal micro-animations, and show examples of more complex animations.

Work involved

UI DesignPrototypingAnimationsMobile & Desktop Resolutions

Development4 weeks

Once the design for all the page templates has been signed off, we will produce a Functional Specification for the website. This will outline the functionality and features of each page so you know what will be delivered. We'll begin the web development using the appropriate technology for the front and back ends.

Work involved

Functional SpecCMS DevelopmentFront End DevelopmentMarketing IntegrationsWebsite Animations

QA & Launch2 weeks

Before delivering you a beta link of the finished website, we will test and do quality assurance across all website browsers and devices. We will also implement a Technical SEO so your site is fully optimised for Google. After your final feedback we'll migrate the site to the live server and offer a 30 day fix guarantee.

Work involved

Browser TestingDevice TestingTechnical SEO301 Re-directsMigrate to Live Sever
Week 1
Week 1
Week 2
Week 5
Week 9
Week 12

Related Projects


A web design and build project can last around 12-14 weeks. But there are always ways to consider your business objectives (such as phased launches), so even if your timescales don’t work with this, it’s always worth reaching out.

Keeping your site from turning into digital dust involves a bit of trend tracking. Right now, it’s all about immersive experiences, maximalism, and bold typography. But remember, not every trend will align with your brand’s personality or appeal to your audience, and that’s okay! Pick the ones that do. More design trends here!

Ever wondered if your site’s design is a friend or foe to Google? Good news: A well-designed site is like catnip for search engines. From mobile-friendliness to lightning-fast load times, the right design elements can give your SEO a hearty boost and make Google sing your praises.

Think of it like bespoke suits versus off-the-rack. Custom web design tailors every pixel to your brand’s unique vibe, offering a one-of-a-kind digital presence. Template-based design is the quick and budget-friendly option, but might have you twinning with your competitors.

Websites are like houseplants; they need regular love to thrive. Think updates, backups, and a keen eye on performance. SiteCare is a key part of our business and ensuring the success of your website over time. Not only do we offer the expected maintenance and security, but we also offer design and marketing support. You can read more about SiteCare here.

The majority of our full projects sit between £30k and £150k, but project costs will depend on the final scope of work and vary from project to project. We generally have a minimum project size of £25k and prefer to agree a fixed cost with agreed milestone payments.

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